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AW11 20v Custom Coolant Line Kit

Eric Warf
Excellent craftsmenship and makes for perfect professional install

SW20 Front Trunk Lid Gas Charged Prop Kit - Black

Eric Leonard
PURE GENIOUS! This is definitely a "MUST HAVE" product for the MR2. It takes only minutes to install, and it makes a noticeable difference the first time you open the Frunk. Like I said, if you don't already have one, get one. You will not regret it....

SW20 Gas charged engine lid prop - Black

Johnathan Pham
easy installation. very straightforward. product looks of high quality, from the rod itself to the brackets. and for the sale price, you cant beat it. worth while upgrade! *thumbs up*

refer to for visuals of the install....

SW20 Gas charged engine lid prop - Black

Stephen Matthews
Engine prop showed up today. I actually by chance was outside when USPS showed up and in a matter of 10mins it was on the car! so you know its an easy install. slight PITA to get the prop rod to compress enough to allow you to get the brackets lined up correctly but I got it to work. Final overview, great product so much better than that POS broken rod, it is tucked and out of the way of working on the engine, unlike the OEM style....

AW11 16v 4age Custom Vacuum Line Kit

Patrick Shyvers
Good quality product, does exactly what it should. Installation was simple and straightforward, aided by the helpful documentation provided.

Would buy again (and in fact I am!)...

AW11 20v Custom Coolant Line Kit

Chris Zapp
Great Product, Installs very easily and makes the swap that much simpler.
Not to mention the great customer service...



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