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AW11 20v Custom Coolant Line Kit

Eric Warf
Excellent craftsmenship and makes for perfect professional install

AW11 16v 4age Custom Vacuum Line Kit

Patrick Shyvers
Good quality product, does exactly what it should. Installation was simple and straightforward, aided by the helpful documentation provided.

Would buy again (and in fact I am!)...

AW11 20v Custom Coolant Line Kit

Chris Zapp
Great Product, Installs very easily and makes the swap that much simpler.
Not to mention the great customer service...

MKI Rear Tie Rod Pair

Alan Johnson
The inner mount is a Heim (flexible ball socket) type fitting! This set should help reduce "Bump Steer". That's when your cornering and hit a bump, it causes you to need to reset your steering input. 5 STARS NOT GIVEN, DUE TO MISSING HARDWARE....

AW11 20v 4age Fuel Line

Steven Mitchell
I must say this is a Must have piece, and VERY well made, it is soo worth the price. I planned on splicing the fuels lines together till I saw this, Im glad I didnt seeing how its a pressurized system, Id hate to have the spliced section blow and burn my car down.

A HUGE thumbs up for these guys on this piece....



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