20v Blacktop Vac Line Kit Installation Instructions

2 Vac manifold to EVAP VSV #15
3 Vac manifold to #4 ITB engine hook hardline for A/C idle up / power steering
4 #4 ITB to check valve to hardlines to hose #17/throttle stop
6 #1 ITB top to FPR
7 MAP check valve to vac port #7 under PCV #5
8 MAP check valve to MAP sensor
9 Brake booster line
10 Valvecover ventalation to airbox
11 EVAP line from Engine hook hardline to EVAP can
12 Throttle stop checkvalve (blue side) to throttle stop
13 #4 ITB brake booster soft junction
14 EVAP VSV to hardline (to #16 line to EVAP can)
15 EVAP VSV to hardline (from #2 line from vac manifold)
16 EVAP. From EVAP VSV hardline to engine hook hardline
17 Vac hardline to bottom of checkvalve. Other side of valve goes to #4 line
18 Vac hardline to Throttle stop check valve (black side)

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ITB #4


Under ITB 4

under ITBs